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Written by Waseem Chatha   
Saturday, 27 March 2010 20:57

In every civilized country or among the nations people not only possess their fundamental rights and civil liberties but their rights and liberties are always guaranteed and protected by the constitutions, enactments, laws and courts.

Some rights are guaranteed through constitution those are normally security of persons, safeguards to arrest and detention, protection against retrospective punishment, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of trade etc. whereas some rights normally are being enshrined through acts, laws or through international treaties or declarations.

Most significant declaration was issued by United Nation in 1948 under the title of "universal declaration of human rights”. It is common phenomena in developing countries that laws/acts are there to protect all rights of citizens but unfortunately in only books or with the influential personalities.

After the birth of Pakistan on the atlas of the world three constitutions were introduced by the legislation and at the present moment the unanimous constitution known as “Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973” is in field. All possible fundamental rights not only have been mentioned in the constitution but are also protected with the guarantee of the constitution and these rights can be compared with the rights of any civilized nation or country of the world but practically the situation about the implementation of rights and liberties is not worth mentioning.

Though due to pivotal role of electronic and print media there is a wave of awareness in the mass about their rights but it is not enough nor it can be declared satisfactory. Public at large relating to all spheres of life still has no knowledge or less knowledge about their fundamental rights or immunities relating to the civil liberties & rights.

So to enhance the awareness among the people about their rights, duties and to guide them that how they can protect their rights and liberties and in case of violence/infringements/freezing, what procedure/remedy is available and how and where it can be invoked, this Society has been established.

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